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A researcher at the Washington University School of medicine in St Louis developed a new brain scanning method that could reveal the maturity of child’s brain which also could trace abnormal brain development and disorders.

Australian Scientists have claimed that they have genetically modified rice that grows in saline soil.

A new study suggest that about 1500 years before the discovery of modern anti biotics tetracycline North Africans were consuming it with beer.

“ The Hills of Killearn” the last poem of by Sir Walter Scot, one of Scotland’s greatest writers, have been found and it is to be read in public for the first time.

Noor Inayat Khan, a world War II heroine, and a descendant of Tipu Sultan will become the first British Asian woman to get a memorial in Britain.

A 39 year old Assistant Public Relations officer at the Secretariat has become this year’s first official HINI victim in the city.

A study by British experts say a brisk walk and greeting your friends with a strong hand shake add years to life.

62 students have passed the matriculation examination of the Himachal Pradesh Board School without appearing in the Exam. A police inquiry is on.

Devotees had come to Sri Lashmi Narasimha temple in Sholingur were surprised to see a 54 year old devotee climb all the 1305 steps on his knees.

Due to an ego clash a special Sub inspector of police at the Manali town police allegedly beat a head constable and breaks 5 of his teeth.


To mark the 10th anniversary a chocolate company in Armenia made the largest chocolate bar weighting 4410 kgs certified by the Guinness Book of world Records.

Manufactures in London have created a neck tie with inflatable pillow which can be blown up in less than a breath. The pillow will hit the marked next month.

The most powerful atom resolving microscope in the United Kingdom has been unveiled at the University of Cambridge which enables scientists to view and analyse structures at a resolution less than the one and a half the size of a carbon atom.

According to a forecast issued by the prestigious Forbes magazine Mukesh Ambani to be the richest man in the world in 2014.

In a startling revealation 29 cricketers are suspected of spot fixing in the second edition of the Indian Premier League in South Africa last year.

A gunman in Kentucky, U.S. went on a shooting rampage and killed 5 people including his wife and stepdaughter before shooting himself.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu named the world class botanical garden being established near Anna flyover as “Semmozhi Pooga”

Authorities at Manila airport found a new born baby boy in a garbage bag that was apparently unloaded from the air plane. The new born was taken care and it is fine in a hospital.

Sushil Kumar, the Indian wrestler has created history by becoming the first Indian wrestler to win a gold medal at the World Championship Wrestling held in Moscow.

The Railway Protection force has installed 24 internet protocol cameras with the memory of its servers for 30 days a leap from the present 3 days.


Research shows that walking can actually boost the connectivity with brain circuits and tends to diminish the grey hairs multiply, walking keeps brain young too.

A study in New York reveals that video games improves kids skills could be a training tool for the kids to make quick and right decisions.

Spanish researcher say swimming in chlorinated pools can cause an increased risk of cancer in bathers.

A 33 year old British who was hooked to an online game neglected her .3 children and allowed her two dogs to starve to death she only slept for 2 hours a night.

6 boys aged between 11 and 16 were arrested for allegedly looting hundies and stealing gold jewels of deities in several temples in and around Triupattur.

A media report says 102 year old visually impaired British woman is now the country’s oldest girl guide. She joined girl guide volunteers when she was 11 year old in 1919.

Librarians at Winona Public Library in U.S. were thrilled when some one returned a book after 35 years. The book was taken in early 1970s.
An Australian lawyer tore pages from Kuran and the Bible and smoked them on Youtube day after the U.S. Pastor threatened to burn Islam’s holy book.

A Georgia couple sued a grocery store chain in a federal court claiming that her husband found a used tampon in his bowl cereal.

A team at Kings college London have discovered a gene that causes Myopia or short sightedness a breakthrough which they claim could pave the way for treatment of the most common eye disorder in the World.


A municipal officer in Lisbon bites a traffic cop’s arm for not calling him sir during a discussion at a police station.

Stanford scientists who have developed a sensor for artificial skin to be used on prosthetic limbs or robots they would even be able to feel the tickle of fly feet.

A woman in Britain hid 3 still born babies in the wardrobe for up to 25 years wrapped in rags and news papers placed in a small bin

Korean Scientists have turned the main ingredient of calamine lotion into a tiny material that converts sound waves into electricity. The more you talk the longer your cell phone battery will last.

A study at Brigham Young University and University of Carolina says those with lots of friends live longer.

Ganesha speaks. Com. one the leading astrology portals in India has launched the first ever dedicated astrology radio station. The station will offer programmes in Hindi.

A 17 year old British teenager who had sent an abusive email to the U.S. President Berack Obama has been banned for life from visiting America.

Two computers from the high profile and well fortified Satish Dhavan Space Centre, Sriharikota have gone missing in mysterious circumstances.

13 life convicts would be released as a humanitarian gesture on the eve of the 101st birth anniversary of DMK founder C.N. Annadurai.

A branch manager of a Central bank of India branch, who was dismissed following complaints of misappropriating bank funds has been sentenced to 4 years R.1. and a fine of 2 lakhs.


Britain’s gun laws are a mess children as young as 10 years are being granted shot gun licenses.

Eleven children under the age of 16 from the same family drowned when an over crowded leisure boat capsized in Brazil.

The world’s largest off shore wind farm with 300 M.W capacity could cater to the need of heat and light for 200,000 house

Thuraipakkam ATM robbery of Rs 20 lakhs has been solved by arresting 4 people including 2 persons from the agency in charge of transporting and depositing cash in ATM cash chests.

A police inspector in Tirupur has been arrested for allegedly taking a bribe of Rs 3 crore from a party for not taking action against them .

Scientists in London have revealed that those who shout or cry in their sleep could be more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease later in life.

Scientists in Washington have created the first artificial human ovary an advance that provides a potentially powerful a new means for conducting fertilely research and course also yield infertility treatment for cancer patient.

A study in Canada claims that children as young as 4 years are able to understand and use certain forms of irony such as hyperbole.

Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has been asked by the Supreme Court to respond to a petition alleging that large tract of land worth Rs 44.9 crore was allotted him for opening a school for just Rs 63 lakhs

An American farmer Steve Miller has been fined 5000 dollars for growing too many crops in his own 2 acre farmland.


A minuscule cow 11 year old and roughly 33” from hind to foot in London is world’s smallest cow she already has 9 regular sized calves and is pregnant with the 10th

An Asian beggar who was recently arrested for begging in Dubai was found to be residing in a five star hotel, the Dubai police said.

Puggy a 10 year old pekinges has found its way into the Guinness book of World Records for the longest tongue 4.5”.

The body of a 43 year old Sailor who disappeared off “Jaws” beach in Bahamas where the Jaws movie was filmed, has been found inside the stomach of a shark.

A 60 year old woman from Harayana while returning from Rameswaram fell from the moving train into Pamban sea was rescued by the railway protection personnel.

As per statistics the Chinese city of Rugao renowned for the longevity of its residents have 255 centenarians.

Noted Mohiniyatham dancer Kalamandalam Hemalatha would make another attempt to break the Guinness World Record in Mohiniyattam by performing continuously for 120 hours or more at Trissur, kerala.
Between 1990 and 2008 India had seen a dramatic fall in maternal mortality of 59% but the country is still has the highest number of woman dying during child birth in the world.

Assuming the owner of the house was asleep , prospective buyers were shown around the house in Britain by the estate agent while the owner lay dead on her sofa. Later the coroner concluded that she died of natural causes.

Looking at the effects of 6000 people scientists in London have found that just an aspirin 75 mg a day will keep bowel cancer at bay.


 A 15 year old Peruvian boy confessed to the police that in the past 3 years he killed 10 people including a woman who was eight month pregnant..

Malaysia opens its first school for pregnant teenagers aimed to curb an epidemic of baby dumping.

Encouraged by her 21 year old mother in Los Angles a two year old girl has been smoking cannabis. The mother has been charged with child endangerment.

Scotland yard submits proof of spot fixing scandal to the Crown prosecutors service against the three Pakistani cricket players.

A study has found that HIV’s ancestor that infected monkeys is thousands of years older than presently thought.

A study has uncovered signs that Australia’s ancient aborigines have been the first star gazers pre dating stonehenge and Egypt’s Pyramids by thousands of years.

A 42 year old Frenchman who lost his limbs in a electrical accident will attempt to swim the English channel.

A painting depicting Lord Ganesha on a grain of rice being the tiniest image of the Elephant headed deity installed in a pandol in Chhani Road, Vadodara is all set to get into the Record Books.

A Major South African hospital chain and its chief executives have been charged after years of investigation into a human organ trafficking case that stretched from Israel to South Africa to Brazil.

A two year study in Israel reveals that adults who drank two glasses of milk a day had the highest vitamin D and calcium levels but lost an average of 12 pounds weight.

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