Teaching Carnatic Music And Doing Good Social Service!

Padma Venkateswaran, a resident of Nanganallur, is doing good service for the cause of music for more than 30 years. Apart from music she also engages in doing many good social services. A native of Madurai, Padma Venkateswaran, initially learnt music under Pallavi Narasimha Iyengar. She studied and completed music lower and higher& TTC training and has worked as music teacher for three years in Kendriya Vidyalala (Central school), Madurai where she taught to students Hindi songs. After marriage she came to Chennai and in T.Nagar studied and learnt Bhajan songs from Sri Ramamurthy Rao.

She learnt various bhajan songs of Meera, Kabirdas, Purandara Das, Surdas,etc and her deep involvement made her popularly known as “Bhajan Padma”. Then after she came to Nanganallur, over the past more than 30 years,she is taking Carnatic music classes in the evenings for beginners and Geetham/Varnam, etc Apart from this in the forenoon, during 11 to 12 noon she is teaching free on an average 30 to 35 ladies various keerthanas including navavarnams of Kamalambal, Abhayambal, Lalitha, Kamakshi and Buvaneswari
besides Abhirami Andadi, Lalitha Thrisathi, Aanaimugan Andadi, Thirupugazh and Arutpugazh. A cassette of Kamakshi Navavarnam has also been releasedearlier by her. Moreover, as a B grade artist she has given music performances along with her group for 5 years in Chennai AIR and for 3 years in Pondycherry AIR.

Further, along with her group she has given music performances in Pothigai, Raj and Vijay TVs and now recently in Sankara TV. In Nanganallur Pongi Madalayam, Padma Venkateswaran has studied directly under H.H.Sadhuram Swamigal Thirupugazh songs and Swamigal’s Arutpugazh songs. She gives along with her group

Thirupugazh and Arutpugazh performances in several places. For nearly nine Arutpugazh song books of Swamigal, Padma Venkateswaran has set ragams to the songs and is teaching to students and thus spreading Swamigal’s Arutpugazh songs. Also in Nanganallur Voltas Colony, Padma Venkatewaran is President of Swasthik Madhar Sangam.

She is continuing as President of this Ladies Club for more than 13 years doing various welfare activities covering social service, relegious activities like Thrivilakku puja etc. The Ladies Club also visits every year an orphanage where funds collected and other useful items to the inmates are given.

Besides the above she is also a good housewife. Every time when she v isits USA and Dubai to see her son/daughter/grand children there too she is taking classes on Lalitha thrisathi, Sundara Kandam, etc to those interested without wasting time.Moreover she is also a very good cook and her preparations are very tasty and good.

She is also an expert in drawing kolams and decorating. She is also judge in various music competitions and cookery competitions. The great achievements of Padma Venkateswaran, make her to be looked upon as a role model and she guides everyone with motherly love and affection. Padma Venkateswaran can be contacted on / .

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